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Jesse Basset


A strategist who after years creating innovative and award winning work, has gone on to specialise in applying behavioural science to marketing challenges. 

Jesse is the architect of a cutting-edge methodology that defines the behavioural triggers to brand purchases in a category. This methodology was developed working with marketing agency KHWS and Durham University Business School and has been successfully used by brands including Jack Daniels, Bacardi, Peroni, Samsung and Hill’s Pet Food to drive effective retail communication offline and online.  

Philip Corr


A Professor of Psychology (Behavioural Economics) and a world-renowned expert in personality psychology - author of over 170 scientific papers and 8 books, on personality psychology, behavioural economics and commercial applications. 

Philip has extensive commercial experience and founded Behavioural Fusion Ltd, a behavioural economics consultancy. 

He has deep and extensive knowledge of psychology and behavioural science, and is able to select the best evidence and approach to make a significant practical difference.

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